The City Of
Grace- Bhopal

It’s flaring up your josh with RBR & gracing your eyes with the Beauty of Bhopal!

Gorgeously Abundant! Possibly these words can describe the magnificence of the city of Bhopal that possesses an immaculate natural beauty and has got the glamour and novelty of a virgin island. Bhopal the capital of Madhya Pradesh is a potpourri of culture, heritage, history, and urban expansion, and also known as the 'city of lakes”. This, most cherished tourist destination all across the globe presents myriad options for turismo and excursion.

A race route with rolling hills; picturesque lakes, and a grand in-stadium finish gives a challenge to runners of RBR that is worth every step. RBR Marathon in Bhopal is an opportunity for runners to conceive not only the moments of triumph but also the jiffies of remarking captivating splendor of the city. Bhopal qualifies not only as the perfect venue for the RBR event but also as a feast for the eyes of runners too!

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