Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle, Staying Committed To Change!

Every tiny good intention has the power to flourish and Bhopal Runners is a cogent proof of the same. Bhopal Runners was purposely founded with an aim to bring 'Fitness Movement,' through massive participation of people in running and by promoting people to adopt a holistic approach to wellness. This leading NGO in the state of MP has fervently carried out its social responsibilities along with sensitizing for the cause of Organ Donation.

Long story short, Bhopal Runners is not only about running and fitness activities but also about its evolved mission to foster a holistically healthy and prudent Bhopal. The organization has zestfully undertaken other services and prompted causes such as environment & wildlife protection, gender inequality, disability & early intervention programs, art & literature and many more.

The organization envisages making running instrumental to bring people together, from across the world, of varying abilities, caste, creed, and social strata, onto a common platform to "RUN TO CHANGE!"

Organ Donation awareness

One of the sister organizations of Bhopal Runners is The Bhopal Organ Donation Society that has benignantly worked for the noble cause of Organ Donation. Being established partners, both Bhopal Runners and its sister organization have been persistently raising awareness among the masses and acknowledging the contribution & efforts of the families who have participated in the organ donation activities.

No Tobacco Goal

Bhopal Runners is exclusively dedicated to pursuing one of the most crucial causes of assisting and encouraging the masses to quit smoking habits and to get rid of tobacco consumption. This resolute endeavor has earned Bhopal Runners many accolades from civil society and Government agencies.

Run Bhopal Run

Run Bhopal Run is flagship event of Bhopal Runners, the inaugural of which was held on 6th December, 2015. This flagship event is held every year on first Sunday of the month of December and stands unique and glorious at par with world class running events. The Run Bhopal Run in its debut year with its consistent team efforts will become identical with other international marathon in the coming future.

Vote INDORE vote

Bhopal Runners as the technical partner facilitated an ecstatic run which was organised to spread voting awareness and making citizens more responsible and aware about their rights and duties; witnessed participation of around 40000 runners.

khajuraho run

UNESCO World Heritage site Khajuraho is famous for its ancient temples, sculptures, rock caves, etc. It is considered to be a sacred place for Hindu & Jain pilgrimages. Bhopal Runners as the associate partner of District tourism promotion council, Chatarpur organised the run 'The Temple Run'- A run around the magnificent temples of Khajurao.

Marble rock run

Jabalpur is a place to meandering River Narmada with a famous tourist destination Bhedaghat. It is well known for its splendid & magnificent waterfalls and striking marble rocks which are 100 feet high. Bhopal Runners been a vital player in providing the technical support to Jabalpur Municipal corporation to organise 'The Marble Rock Run' on 28th October 2018 at Jabalpur. More than twenty thousand people participated in the event.


          Bhopal Runners is like a family to us that’s gradually growing with every passing year, and with this noticeable fact, I also recognize that with every succeeding day we are getting closer to our goal and objective of accomplishing holistic wellness in society for everyone. We believe in society’s contribution to build a better world, lead a fit as fiddle lifestyles, and feel empathic to support and help each other by promoting noble causes.

Dr. Amita Chand

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