Plogg Run

Fervid Club and Bhopal runners came together to organise the Mega Plogg Run in Madhya Pradesh. Plogg Run is coined by Swedish runners in the year 2016 and now became a worldwide trend to contribute our share towards making mother earth green and clean. This trend encourages people to pick up litter while out running. So, it's not just good for health, it's also good for the environment. It is based on the concept that stands for picking up trash and jog. It is also called 'Plogging'—a portmanteau of jogging and the Swedish Plocka Upp, meaning 'pick up. Plogging combines going for a run with intermittent squatting or lunging (to collect rubbish), which actually sounds like a pretty satisfying workout. According to a fitness app namely Lifesum, a typical user will burn 288 calories in 30 minutes of plogging, which is more or less the same as what's burned off while jogging.

The participants will run and help clean the area of the last 500 meters as much as they can and make it look beautiful. The before and after pictures will make a lot of difference hence, this run is organised to make Madhya Pradesh the most Beautiful, Clean, Green and Fit state.

Prizes: None


  • 7.30 am - assembly

  • 8.00 am to 9.30 am - run

Registration: 5K - 100 Rs

Date: 17 Feb 2019