RBR Story

The humble beginning for A Cause & Flourished Into A remarkable journey!

In certain circumstances, a single-minded attempt to bring a change in one’s own life becomes a humanitarian reason to bring a transformation at large. The founder of Bhopal Runners, a zealous sportsperson who once was ardently trying to quit his 17 years’ old addiction to smoking, never really realized that in the near future he would initiate a fitness revolution and thousands of people would join in.

His journey of de-addiction had gone through peaks and valleys but it was only running which kept him driven all this while. Recognizing running as a vital process of evolution the founder made the determination to blaze a trail with the Bhopal Runners in 2015.

His pursuit later took a noticeable contour of a ‘Fitness Uprising’ with an intention to encourage people to recognize running as a leading way to wholesome health and fitness.

The organization made its striking occurrence with the launch of its first Run Bhopal Run Half Marathon in 2015 which is an annual flagship event of Bhopal Runners. With an eye-popping number of over 10K runners participated in the event and in the 5th edition of the event the number got a huge ascend with 20K participants.

The experience of running in RBR is like uncovering the incredible magnificence of Bhopal on the go! From the beautiful Lake View, the run course takes the runners through exquisite scenic views, monuments, heritage sites, iconic mosques, and spectacular landmarks of the city.
Here’s the whole story behind Bhopal Runners & RBR! Check it out!

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