Run Bhopal Run

RBR Initiated With A Noble Cause, Inspiring People To healthy change!

Run Bhopal Run is an annual flagship event of Bhopal Runners, launched for the first time in 2015 with the awe-inspiring participation of over 10,000 participants. RBR has been recognized as Central India’s Monumental & the most Anticipated Marathon that is fostering its leading cause to build a “Holistically Healthy & Prudent Bhopal”.

With the RBR event, Bhopal Runners is inspiring the masses to mainstream running as a leading way to accomplish health and fitness. It's an event where true & enthusiastic runners thrive, running across the stunning trails with beautiful flora & fauna.

Therefore, the RBR event has been a great score but the 5th Run Bhopal Run Half Marathon 2019 witnessed king-sized participation of arround 16,000 runners from across the nation and foreign countries.

Now, in 2020 RBR is again lined-up with its 6th Edition but this time in an unconventional way with a Virtual Event; the RBR VIRTUAL HEALTH SERIES.

Your participation is most awaited!

A Breathtaking Route With RBR

While you run, you ain’t only running but creating moments to cherish and behold everything that passes through your eyes on your journey. And that is why the RBR marathon becomes the most-cherished event for every runner as it offers a route to their run filled with enchanting scenic beauty, landscapes, a soothing mix of sun and shade, and in addition a route that goes through a well-developed infrastructure of the city Bhopal.

Create your memorable & eye-catching running moments with RBR in Bhopal !

It’s not the numbers RBR growing in, It’s the love of masses growing for RBR

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